Care & Maintenance

1. - DO NOT use abrasive cleaners on or near the restored surface. Your new surface can easily be cleaned with any mild liquid cleaner, and should be cleaned after each use. DO NOT use any products that contain bleach as they are not recommended due to the non-porous nature of the new finish.
Recommended cleaners include formula 409, Scrubbing Bubbles, Mr. Clean for Tile.

2.- DO NOT use any abrasive scrubbing pads such as Scotch Brite or any similar scrubbing pads as they will scratch the refinished surface.

3.- DO NOT drop sharp or heavy objects on the finish which can cause it to chip.

4.- Faucets must be properly maintained by the owner and user to protect the new surface. Leaky faucets will erode the new finish, causing it to crack and wear out prematurely.

5.- Destruction of the finish may occur through improper use of acid bearing compounds, such as drain openers, or tile grout cleaners. All chemicals must be kept away from the finish.
This chemicals include, but are not limited to, cosmetics, hair dyes and perfumes which may stain or otherwise mark the finish.

6.- DO NOT use a rubber bath mat. Most mats will produce a reaction with the surface when subjected to hot water. REMEMBER, if you treat your new surface with respect, clean it regularly and follow the above guidelines, your fixture will stay shiny and bright and give you many years of trouble-free service.